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Q: What is the release date for Broadcasts 25?
A: Friday, November 17th.

Q: Where can I purchase Broadcasts Volume 25?
A: All Austin area HEB locations (look for the Ziegenbock display)
Antone's Records
Piranha Records
Waterloo Records
Wild About Music
Keep checking back for additional retail locations!

Q: Can I download it on iTunes?
A: Unfortunately, no. Only hard copies are available.

Q: Follow up question: Why isn't it available on iTunes or other online platforms?
A: Oh we wish it were simple. Basically it comes down to licensing, and licensing for digital sales is different and more complicated than it is for CD's. Broadcasts CD Vol .25 will only available as a hard copy in stores. Also, it's worth noting that all of the artist and the songwriters behind the songs have waived their fees and royalties because this is a charity project that they believe in.

Q: How much does the CD cost?
A: $15

Q: Where does the money go?
A: Your $15 goes to helping both SIMS and Seton. To date, KGSR Broadcasts has raised over 3 million dollars for our non-profit beneficiaries. Thank you for your support and for keeping this tradition alive!

Q: How can I get a copy after it sells out?
A: When it's gone, it's gone!

Q: Can I buy older volumes of Broadcasts CD's?
A: Sometimes we find an old volume in our closet and we'll hand them out for free at a KGSR event, but unfortunately they're not available for purchase!

Q: Are these tracks available anywhere else?
A: Unfortunately they're not available for purchase.

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