University of Texas

The University of KGSR was established in 2010 to educate and train students with no experience in the broadcast industry. This 12 week course will be Programming focused and include a weekly air shift on 93-3 HD2, training with experienced KGSR faculty, and the opportunity to interact and learn from record label executives as well as local and national musicians. The student to teacher ratio will be capped at 3-1. Course Work Includes:

Voice Track Training
Students will be trained on how to use studio equipment including automation and voice tracking systems. Course includes daily 2 hour air shift Monday – Friday on 93-3 HD2…The Music Lounge.

On Air Performance
Students will be educated on how to prepare for a shift, develop interesting and compelling talk breaks, and learn how to “say it in a tweet”.

Artist Interviews
Students will learn how to prepare for an artist interview and how to ask questions that allow for the artist to be the star (not the interviewer). Students will also learn best practices for dealing with different types of personalities. Course includes a group interview with an artist.

Musicology 101
Students will learn about how music is scheduled and managed on the radio station, the role of research (all forms) and the selection process for airplay on KGSR. Course includes sitting in on KGSR music meeting and face to face with a record company executive.

Interpreting Audience Ratings
Students will learn about the Arbitron ratings system used for measuring listenership of radio, how it works, and what strategies are available to improve station performance.

Programming and Sales Relationship
Students will learn about how talent interacts with sales and execute endorsements as well as onsite appearances. Course includes working at radio station remote with talent.

Extending the Brand to Digital Platforms
Students will learn how KGSR has extended its brand beyond the frequency to web, mobile, and Social Media. Course includes executing a digital interview and managing video recording of artist performance for the Discovery section of

For more information and to apply to KGSR U please send a cover letter and resume to KGSRU. Participants must receive school credit, this is an unpaid position.