Our fundamental purpose is right in our call sign: “GSR” is acronym for Great Sounding Radio.  When you hear it, you know it. Since 1990, we’ve called ourselves Radio Austin. Our tent-pole principals are two fold: music and community.


We believe in the transcendent power of great songs. Songs that make you dance. Songs that make you think. Sometimes, songs that make us cry. Sometimes they’re songs the whole world is singing (Hello Adele!). Sometimes they’re from bands that have a few hundred fans right here in Austin. They don’t have to be on a chart or on a record label. If we like it, we’ll play it.

We believe Austin is like no other city in America. So its radio shouldn’t sound like radio you could find Anywhere Else, USA.

We believe in Austin music. The artists. Their albums. The nightclubs we've seen them in. The festivals. And we believe the coolest thing we do all year comes along each summer, when we bring some of Austin music’s best home to Zilker Park for our signature event, KGSR’s Blues On The Green. You're invited, it's free!

We believe your time is more valuable than ever. We strive to be a filter you trust – delivering concise storytelling with an emphasis on new music, your favorite bands and community news/events. We aim to be knowledgeable and friendly, not smug or snobby.

This could just as easily be at the top of our list: We believe in giving back. Every year, we partner with dozens of Austin non-profits to highlight the work they do and help them with their fundraising and volunteer efforts.  

We believe "New Austin" and "Old Austin" are divisive, and often meaningless, distinctions. Are you a native? Did you move here last week? Is your mailing address actually in Round Rock or Cedar Park? If you’re passionate about music and Austin, then welcome to the KGSR family.

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