Meet Our SXSW W Hotel Artists: Family of the Year
Posted 2/28/2013 10:20:00 AM

First thing first - yes, a couple members in the band are brothers (frontman Joe and drummer Sebastian Keefe). All five of them did live in a dilapidated house together though, so that's gotta count for something toward their name.


This Los Angeles group got together in 2009 after the brothers' previous band broke up and they needed a new one to play the songs they'd written for an album called Songbook. Later that year, Ben Folds himself hand selected Family of the Year to open for his show with the Boston Pops Orchestra - which was only their THIRD gig. Since then they have put out a couple EP's and two more albums, the most recent of which is Loma Vista (and is probably the only one you can easily find, since the rest were independently released). Did I mention Steven Tyler is a big fan, too? Not too shabby for the first five years of their career.

The group says many of their songs "sound like they should be sung by the tight-knit group around the campfire while the s’mores are melting and the wine is flowing." If that sounds like your kinda vibe, come check out Family of the Year when they play for us at 6:30 on Wednesday morning.


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