Video: Aimee Mann and Jon Hamm Recreate "Voices Carry"
Nicole Raney

Aimee Mann (of 'Til Tuesday stardom) has come out with a music video for her new song "Labrador." But if you're an 80's fan and dig the old music video for "Voices Carry" then you'll think this new one looks a little familar. Actually, a LOT familiar.

Jon Hamm (from Mad Men) is the director for the video and legally binds Aimee into making a frame-by-frame recreation of "Voices Carry" with Jon Wurster as the creepy, over-bearing boyfriend.

We want to share with you the new video as well as the old one, just for kicks.


"Labrador" -Aimee Mann


"Voices Carry" -'Til Tuesday

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