Kick Off Your Day with Some Arcade Fire
Britny Eubank

Lately Arcade Fire is…well, on fire. Aside from being on the bill for several festivals around the country this year, it was also recently that the score (written by Owen Pallett and Will Butler) that they performed for Spike Joneze's Her has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Score.

Previously, the only way to hear the score was to either see the movie or buy the soundtrack, but now with the help of this convenient 8tracks playlist:







Spike Jonze's Her (OST) from Kinceyk on 8tracks Radio.

The tracklist for the score is: 


1. Sleepwalker
2. Milk & Honey
3. Loneliness #3 (Night Talking)
4. Divorce Papers
5. Morning Talk/Supersymmetry
6. Some Other Place
7. Song On The Beach
8. Loneliness #4 (Other People’s Letters)
9. Owl
10. Photograph
11. Milk & Honey (Alan Watts & 641)
12. We’re All Leaving
13. Dimensions

In addition to Oscar buzz, Arcade Fire has recently been feeling some INXS fever. The band covered INXS's "Devil Inside"–from their 1988 classic Kick–during a show in INXS's home Australia last night, which just so happened to also be the late Michael Hutchence's birthday. You can watch the performance here:

And finally, in the same vein, the Hood Internet released this mashup of Arcade Fire's "Reflektor" and another Kick jam "Need You Tonight" just the day before: 

So, by all means, Kick off your day with some Fire.

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