The Lumineers Make Colbert Appearance
Shawn Hallman

The Lumineers turned to comedic genius Stephen Colbert to promote re-release of their self-titled debut album, treating Colbert's audience to a 4 minute long interview followed by two songs. The interview went over the band's jump to stardom all the way from Brooklyn to Denver before Colbert asked the group to stomp and clap for his show. The audience got to witness live performances of both "Stubborn Love" followed by "Submarines."

The interview started a little sluggish with Colbert getting 2/3rds of the band member's names wrong, but he was able to quickly get back on his feet, by making a joke of it. The band shared their hisory and explained their move away from Brooklyn, and insight into their personal lives and early days of the band. Jeremiah Fraites even explained why they yell "hey" and "ho" at people.

Check out the interview and "Stubborn Love" below.


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