Adele's Album 21 Goes Diamond
Nicole Raney

What has Adele been up to lately? Oh, not much really. Just rocking the theme song for the latest James Bond movie and having a baby. Oh, and putting out a little called 21 that just went Diamond.

Having a "Diamond" rating on your records is better than Gold, even better than Platinum. It means your record has gone Multi-Platinum in a big way. You have to sell 10 million copies to have Diamond status in the U.S. What's so remarkable about 21 (which was released in early 2011) is that it took less than two years to go Diamond.

With such an action-packed year, it's a good thing that Adele has decided to take a little break. She's reportedly said that it will be a while until she releases another album, stating that it was two years between her first album 19 and her Diamond album 21.

So maybe we can expect 24 in 2014?

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