Photos & Review: Beach House Enchant Stubb's Crowd
Mikela Floyd

Baltimore dreampop duo Beach House are known for their hauntingly captivating simplicity, with just the two (and sometimes three) of them riveting the crowd with their lyircs and building melodies. Last night's show was no exception, as they packed Stubb's outdoor amphitheatre, along with The Walkmen and Dustin Wong.

Kicking off their set with a track from their latest album, Bloom, they arrived to an almost blacked-out stage, soon to be bathed in light as they began the first few notes of "Walk in the Park," from their Teen Dream release. Continuing the show in a smattering of lighting changes that perfectly bounced off of their striped backdrop, they had the crowd completely entranced, as they belted out songs such as "Norway," "Myth," "Take Care," and more. When it came time to play their hit "Zebra," guitarist Alex Scally thanked the crowd in an unsual way - "We're so happy to be in Austin that we're going to serenade you with a Celine Dion song." And even if "The Power of Love" was what followed, it wouldn't have taken the crowd away for a minute, though "Zebra" most certainly satisfied them; prompting people to put their hands up and sway in equal measure.

The Walkmen kicked things off splendidly, taking the stage in suits and low lighting. They entertained the crowd with sounds from their most recent album, 2012's Heaven, along with a variety of hits from their catalogue.

It was a wonderful way to spend the penultimate night of the work week, with some of indie music's most revered acts.

Check out photos from the show here!

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