Austin: The Capital of Live Music and Dope Jams


Not that we need to remind you, but Austin is more than just the “self proclaimed” Live Music Capital of the world. Buzzfeed recently posted a list that backs up our claim to musical fame: 40 Songs Proving That Austin, Texas, Is The Capital Of Dope Jams. Here are a few artists from that  list you might like:

Bob Schneider, “The Effect” (2013)


Gary Clark Jr., “Travis County” (2012)
Gary Clark Jr., "Travis County" (2012)

The Wheeler Brothers, “Portraits” (2011)

The Wheeler Brothers, "Portraits" (2011)


Alejandro Escovedo, “Always a Friend” (2008)

Alejandro Escovedo, "Always a Friend" (2008)

Quiet Company, “You, Me & The Boatman” (2011)

Quiet Company, "You, Me & The Boatman" (2011)


Suzanna Choffel, “Animal” (2011)
Suzanna Choffel, "Animal" (2011)


Kat Edmonson, “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times” (2012) Kat Edmonson, "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" (2012)

My Jerusalem, “Shatter Together” (2012)
My Jerusalem, "Shatter Together" (2012)

Black Joe Lewis, “Come to My Party” (2013)

Black Joe Lewis, "Come to My Party" (2013)


Dale Watson, “I Lie When I Drink” (2013)
Dale Watson, "I Lie When I Drink" (2013)

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