Band of Heathens New Music
Taylor Prewitt

Expect change from the KGSR Unplugged at the Grove band, Band of Heathens (Aug. 22) as they prepare to release their fourth studio album, Sunday Morning Record. Disheartened fans will remember that founding memer Colin Brooks left the band two years ago followed by bassist Seth Whiteney and drummer John Chapman. The band's first album since the split is sure to bring about its own round of division. As the name implies, Sunday Morning Record (out Sep. 17 on the band's label) possesses a softer sound reflecting the growth of the bandmates, including their decision to start and relocate families according to Ed Jurdi, the band's guitarist via Paste Magazine. The sound is a noticeable departure from the more rock-centered Brooks-headed heathens. The first single, "Miss My Life" reflects the change and is available for your listening pleasure below. Let us know what you think of the new (and improved?) heathens and make sure not to miss them at Shady Grove in August.

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