Lamest ACL Fest Pics EVER!
Posted 10/8/2013 5:58:00 PM

Now... I am not trying to brag about the access that I have at ACL. We all know I work on the radio so I have a little more access to artists than the average joe. That being said. How come I didn't get 1 good pic from ACL this year? I mean seriously! I looked at my phone and thought... Why didn't I take 1 single picture with anyone? Thank goodness there are 2 weeks this year. I really need to redeem myself in week #2. Here are the only pics I took at ACL.I swear I had A LOT more fun than these pics let on. #1 Nice pic of my wristband being on too tight photo C4C1585A-F3A1-4448-AFFD-F15559B4883A-1010-0000014320EE681B_zps91825f5a.jpg #2 This one is OK. It's the Courtyard Hounds on stage at Threadgills photo 5F42758C-09A8-46F9-A8FB-DE9FF2D19250-1010-00000142E046AE0B_zps6bf91645.jpgThere is 1 other pic I took that I feel like I can't post because it's me and some people from another radio station that I am friends with. You are looking at the complete collection of Kelly Jordan Week 1 ACL Pics.

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