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Why KGSR? Why now? When I took this gig over three years ago, people asked those easy-to-answer questions. Wouldn't you too jump at a chance to work somewhere where Radiohead, Aretha Franklin and Lyle Lovett pop up back-to-back-to-back? Hold Steady, Band Of Horses and Spoon? Check. Or how about Patty Griffin, Iron & Wine, and Steve Earle? It's all here. KGSR is uniquely Austin. Add fundraising efforts like Fan Fare Friday or The Star-A-Thon, the Broadcasts CD's. Unplugged At The Grove, Blues On The Green, and our live ACL and SXSW morning show broadcasts and you've got a station with a unique mission- a station that sits comfortably at the crossroads of music and community. KGSR is one of the last great radio stations- where the DJ's drive the music and where the music reflects the city we love. Why KGSR? Three years in, my answer has not changed: Because it's OUR station.
Happy to be here,

About Andy:
Andy Langer works in radio, television and print; he comes to KGSR after 13 years hosting "The Next Big Thing" on KROX, he can be seen twice-weekly as the music correspondent on News 8 Austin, and is the music columnist for Esquire. Andy's also a occasional contributor to the Austin Chronicle and the M.C. of the Austin Music Awards.

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