Feist Wows Fans at Stubb's
Kyle Gregory

Austinites love indie singer-songwriters, and Canadian crooner Feist entranced a sold out audience at Stubb's Thursday night. The Broken Social Scene member played tracks off all three of her solo albums, with special attention to 2011's Metals.

The show was a slow build, as Feist opened with the plaintive "When I Was a Young Girl" off of 2004's Let it Die, followed by "Comfort Me" from Metals. She shook things up with the aptly titled "Commotion," it's pulsing beat infusing the crowd with jittery life, which was diffused into a smooth mellow as she transition to the jazzy "How Come You Never Go There" and sugary-sweet "Mushaboom."

Feist fully enraptured the crowd with "The Circle Married the Line" and its dramatic crescendo. After sipping some wine and catching her breath, the singer had some fun with the audience, asking all of the couples to sing along, followed by all of the single people, followed by all of the people on a mission to break a couple up. In a nod to her roots, she also invited all of the Canadians to sing along.

The crowd obliged, raising their voices for "So Sorry" and "My Moon My Man" the first tracks of the night off of 2007's The Reminder. Their performance drew praise from Feist, who thanked them for their "enthusiasm and volume."

Feist maintained the high-energy with "Feel It All" before slowing it down with her best performance of the night on the epic "Graveyard." She closed the show with a long string of tracks from Metals including "Anti-Pioneer," "Undiscovered First," "The Bad in Each Other," "Caught a Long Wind," and "Get it Wrong, Get it Right." For her encore, she broke out some older songs, playing "Secret Heart," "Sealion," and "Let it Die."

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