This October, Threadgill’s is the place to be on Wednesday nights for KGSR's Discovery Series. KGSR's newest concert series is startin’ up again in the Beer Garden — giving you free shows every Wednesday from 8PM to 10PM, featuring local talent you need to know.

This will be taking place all throughout fall, from October 9th to November 20th!

NOV 20TH (ORIGINALLY: oct 16th)

Mayeux & Broussard 8PM

Mayeux (pronounced "MY-YOU") and Broussard is a Country/Blues/Americana act from Austin, Texas. Formed in the Summer of 2011, the band consists of singer-songwriter's Tate Mayeux and Brian Broussard, and their band members Taylor Englert (Drums), Misha Ben-David (Bass), and Matt Wiley (Lap Steel Guitar). Mayeux and Broussard have been performing relentlessly with their full band all over Austin and the state of Texas. Their blend of gritty Texas country and swampy blues is quickly finding its place in Texas music. Their debut album "While The Gittin's Good" was released November 8, 2012.

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Eric Tessmer 9PM

Beloved by audiences throughout the world, the Eric Tessmer Band has captured the attention of fans from all ages as a result of their uncompromising musicianship and unbridled aggression. Their music is organic and natural; they're real and every note you hear leaps from the speakers and is completely unfettered by superfluous studio trickery. With each performance, The Eric Tessmer Band's collaborative vibe continues to evolve, built on a career and catalog of material that inspires and fuels the evolution of rock/blues.

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So Long Problems 8PM

Tell your problems "so long" with this rock band featuring dual frontmen Mike Schoenfeld and Graham Weber with Dylan McDougall, Zac Bryant and Matt Winegardner.

"We've got a record in the can and are getting better every day."

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Emily Wolfe 9PM

"I never expected to write any more songs after my first record. Now, a year later, I'm someone different - another year, another person, and enough material for a second album. Going into the studio with Mike McCarthy (Spoon, Heartless Bastards, Patty Griffin, Trail of Dead) earlier this year, I had the full intention of putting together a full length LP. But as the new songs came to life, it was clear I was hearing two different sounds, two different sides of myself. The two new EP's, set to be released in May and September of 2013, are like night and day. One is a collection of rock and roll summer anthems and the other has an intimate acoustic feel."

"I don't want to be a writer with mechanical hands; I want to be an innovator - an artist who is constantly evolving."

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Emily Bell 8PM

Somewhere in the world between technicolored soul, southern blues and 60's rock-n-roll, Austin, TX singer/songwriter, Emily Bell, has a debut disc that sonically fits on its own planet. From being raised by the queens of musical theater, to being toughened up by the seasoned cats of R&B and taken under the wing of rock-n-roll; Bellís large musical family has created an extremely original and compelling monster. With a voice that fits in the realm of her soulful British female counterparts, she backs it up with an energetic rock-n-soul vibe.

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Shinyribs 9PM

Shinyribs is the musical wanderings of Kevin Russell from The Gourds. Russell has always been a prolific songwriter and performer. Shinyribs is the necessary out growth of this. Russell did the math over the last 18 years and figured out pretty dang quick that he would never be able to include all of his songs or even most of his songs in the shows and recordings of The Gourds. Plus he is seeking to stretch out as a performer and band leader.

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OCT 30TH CANCELLED: due to rain

Peterson Brothers Band 8PM

The Peterson Brothers were born and raised deep in the "Lost Pines" of Bastrop, Texas. Alex, 14, is on bass, violin and vocals, and Glenn Jr., 17, is on guitar and lead vocals. Their music combines the idic blues sounds of legends with their own unique blend of soul-infused inspiration. In just a few short years, they have had the opportunity to open for Pinetop Perkins, B.B. King, Los Lonely Boys, Hubert Sumlin and many other legendary bands. Also while on this journey they have been blessed to share the stage with legends that have taught, inspired and mentored them: Buddy Guy, Michael Burks, Sonny Rhodes, Pinetop Perkins, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Jimmi Mayes, Bob Stroger and countless other incredible musicians.

Although much of their time is spent honing in on their musical gifts, they put precedence on volunteering and ensuring that their academics are a top priority. The Peterson Brothers are on a mission to help "Keep the Blues Alive."

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Waterloo Revival 9PM

Waterloo Revival has burst onto the popular country music scene, with a red dirt influence that extends far beyond the Mason Dixon. Based in Austin, Texas, Waterlooís rapid success is a testament to its catchy songs and sing-along southern twang. The band has just released their first EP, backed by their fans through Kickstarter and produced by platinum recording artist Matt Noveskey of Blue October.

The band is led by native Austinites George Birge (lead vocals and guitar) and Cody Cooper (rhythm guitar) who have been playing and co-writing together since their high school days. Matt Colletta (lead guitar) and Mateo Clarke (fiddle & mandolin) add a unique mix of melodies with their rock & folk inspired solos. Jason Klann (bass) and Thomas Morris (drums), drive the music home with a steady, foot-stomping rhythm section.

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Carson Brock 8PM

Members of Carson Brock and The Effect are Patrick Mertens on bass, Carson Brock on lead guitar/vocals and Colter Lutz on drums. Guitarist/singer/songwriter Carson Brock hears it all the time, that he was born too late. Just 19, Brock grew up on records by Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix and went to big rock shows as a kid to watch his father play. But when it came time to form his own rock 'n' roll band, the old clubs were all closed and the kids seemingly moved on to hip-hop, dance or artsy folk music. But Carson Brock and The Effect, whose full-length debut came out in March, are on a mission to prove that the rock íní roll of great songwriting, gifted musicianship and unbridled forcefulness is timeless.

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Brady Beal 9PM

"Texas born and raised, been pickin' and a grinnin' for quite some time now. Spent the younger years in between west and central Texas listening to rock 'n roll. Now I'm trying to play it for a living."

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Curtis McMurtry 8PM

Curtis McMurtry began writing songs at the age of four, deftly articulating such tragedies as Hephaestus' fall from Olympus and Godzilla's rampage through Tokyo. Ever since, Curtis has continued to write songs from the skewed (occasionally schizophrenic) perspectives of various characters he has met, read about, or imagined. Curtis is the son of Americana Award winning songwriter James McMurtry, and the grandson of novelist/screen play author Larry McMurtry.

Curtis began performing in bands during middle and high school, playing as many instruments as he could get his hands on, and experimenting with numerous genres. By the end of his senior year of high school, Curtis had assembled God's Chosen People, a group of his fellow jazz band students, and used them to perform his brand of church-and-circus-inspired Americana music in the clubs of Austin, TX.

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Wood & Wire 9PM

Anyone wondering about Wood & Wire's sound need not look any further than the four-piece bandís name, which honors the purity of acoustic instruments and the gorgeous music a skilled artist can coax out of just simple wood and wire.

Founded in 2010 by guitarist Tony Kamel and mandolin player Matt Slusher, who honed their acoustic skills playing with acts like Graham Wilkinson, South Austin Jug Band and Rodney Hayden, respectively, Wood & Wire began to take form when bassist Dom Fisher joined Matt and Tony's jam sessions. Last spring, the trio officially added Trevor Smith (Green Mountain Grass) on banjo and started making a name for itself on the Austin music scene, their infectious songs and high-energy live performances drawing fans to venues like the legendary Cactus Cafe.

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