KGSR Discovery Series October 31st Lineup!
Mikela Floyd

KGSR Discovery keeps you up to date with the best new and undiscovered music, and now we're ready to take things to the next level. Enter the KGSR Discovery Series, where we'll bring you some of the best up-and-coming music that Austin has to offer. Starting October 17th at Threadgill's South! The music is free and the big event kicks off at 7PM, plus, you can enjoy $3 12oz cans of Fireman's 4! Check out the inaugural lineup below!

O Conqueror

Quickly rising in the Austin scene, O Conqueror is a musical collective from Austin TX set to release their highly anticipated debut LP King Me November 16th. Established in 2011 by Dustin Doering (Guitar/Vox), Jonathan Baugh (Percussion/Keys/Vox), Justin Green (Lead Guitar/Multi Instrumentalist/Vox), and Tito Sopena (Bass Guitar), O Conqueror can best be described as tender, introspective, and packed with emotion. Their songs are dynamic, with long crescendos, great rhythms, unique instrumentation, and echoing vocals. A 3am driving alone with a broken heart kind of band.

Tori Vasquez

Tori Vasquez is an amazingly gifted singer-songwriter from West Texas. She was born in Shallowater, Texas and raised in a family of musicians and songwriters. At the age of 21 she has already found her voice and is writing songs that are inspiring a younger generation to discover the power and beauty of storytelling in music. Her voice fills any room she performs in, capturing the full attention of any music fan. Her debut EP, Let It Go, features songs like “Where Ya Headed Honey”, “Painting A Picture”, “Let It Go”, and “The Blue” that take you on a soulful, melancholy journey of a young heart experiencing bumps and bruises, while discovering the precious moments in life and relationships. Her distinct signature voice makes you want to sing along on the first listen.

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