New Music Tuesday - July 24th
Kyle Gregory

We pick out the week's best new music, so you don't have to.

Passion Pit - Gossamer

Gossamer is a reminder of just how pretty the bleeps and bloops of a synthesizer can be. The very first song tempts you with a soft melody, before transitioning to a pulsating, aggressive sound assault. By the the first chorus, you're hooked, and by the third chorus, you realize that this isn't just a fun song - there's some real depth to those lyrics. Gossamer is spectacularly experiential. Each song has it's own musical nooks and crannies that are a joy to explore. Listen to it over at NPR.





Purity Ring - Shrines

Electronic bands with haunting female vocals have taken over indie rock. From Kimbra, to Sucre, to School of Seven Bells, it's clear that today's music fans are seeking a more delicate vocal touch. If you doubt this phenomenon, look no further than the fact that Shrines (Purity Ring's debut album) was announced a scant three months ago and still generated enough hype to be featured on NPR's First Listen. The album probably won't surprise you if you've been keeping up with the current musical zeitgeist, but it's worth a listen if you like the style.




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