Chris Mosser

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Origin: Lubbock, Texas
Location: Bryker Woods

Three Things You Should Know About Me:

I love bars. And I tend to judge them like Linus judges pumpkin patches - it's all about sincerity. A classic pub, a dumpy dive, and a trendy new craft cocktail joint can all be great, as long as they are sincere. The Draught House, Posse East, the Carousel Lounge, and the Cloak Room are among my Austin favorites.

I love vinyl. I inherited my father-in-law's turntable a few years back, and have since built my record collection to about 650 titles. A great Saturday for me is a bicycle-powered bar and record store crawl across Austin. My primary store is Antone's Records, which is very sincere.

I love heavy metal. I relocated to Austin from Lubbock in 1993 with a metal band called Human, which opened for a bunch of major-label bands around Texas including a memorable show with Clutch at Liberty Lunch, and won an Austin Music Award in 2000. Gojira and Mastodon are a couple of current faves - again, sincerity is the key.