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High-Tech Tuesday: Ride Fair, Ride Guru

Making RideShare in Austin easier

Ridesharing in Austin sure has gotten complicated. Or rather, it's been complicated for some time. Now that Uber & Lyft are back, how will you choose between the locals that jumped in when we needed them... and the OGs?

Here are two apps/sites to help you choose:

RideGuru: RideGuru compares estimated prices for a variety of rideshare apps AND does the entire breakdown of fares, including how much your driver is actually making from your fare. You can ask questions in their "ask a ride guru" forum (e.g. can I take my dog?). If you're a driver, there are also handy features like information about each company, a newsroom, rideshare 101 and a virtual "lounge" where you can share customer stories.

RideFair: Arguably more limited but potentially more useful during SXSW, ACL. Ride Fair shows you the comparative surge pricing for Uber & Lyft in your area so you can choose between the two. 

If you're interested in who is still around in this market, peep my article on Thrillist. As for this rideshare junkie, I'm RideAustin all day, err day. 

Listen to the sweet sounds of our rideshare debate:





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