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Classic Texas Honky Tonk Still Two-Stepping In Cutting Edge Austin

Grand Old Austin Tour - The Broken Spoke

Photo: (KGSR) 93.3 KGSR / Chris Mosser

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It really is a trip walking into the Broken Spoke. It's not hard to imagine that the place is largely (if not exactly) as it was back in the mid-60's when it first opened amid horse pastures on a dusty road south of Austin's city limits.

Many such places have met the business end of a bulldozer, but the Spoke and owner James White are sufficient Texas treasures to have inspired the builders of the condos that now surround it to provide for its preservation. There's a new book on the history of the place on the way, and a book-signing event coming up there on Saturday April 22. 

A great conversation with Mr. White out in the still-dusty Broken Spoke parking lot below.

Interview Part I: Get to know the owner James White and the early days of the legendary Broken Spoke.


Interview Part II: James White talks about some of the biggest acts who have played the Spoke, including that recent visit from Garth Brooks.


Interview Part III: Chris and James talk about how New Austin is developing around the Spoke and how that might affect its future. (*Spoiler alert: The Spoke isn't going anywhere)


Interview Part IV: Chris talks to James' daughter, Jenny, about growing up in the Spoke and how much the city has changed over the years.

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