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Recap: Chronicle's Hot Sauce Festival Was...well, Hot

On Sunday, over 12,000 people braved triple digit heat to attend the Austin Chronicle's 23rd Annual Hot Sauce Festival at Fiesta Gardens.  Many of them seemed unfazed by the August heat;  after all, these Capsaicin lovers were there because they like it hot. They lined up to sample red and green sauces, and pepper sauces with fun names like "Holy Crap" and "Near Death."

Four bands kept the crowd entertained, and at certain points in the afternoon, the dancers were as fun to watch as the band.  Especially the "Tamale Lady" who danced with a beautiful flower pot balanced perfectly on her head.

The event is a fundraiser for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas (entry was free with canned food donations.)  16,881 pounds of food was collected for the food bank.

Have you ever wondered why the Hot Sauce Festival is held during one of the hottest months of the year?  It's because that's when peppers are in season.

Find out who the winners were by clicking here.



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