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Lone Star State of Mind Playlist & Podcast for 7.6.14


Jacksboro Highway  -  Bill Carter  -  City of the Violet Crown

Everything Happens for a Reason  -  Stephen Bruton  -  Nothing But the Truth

Sleep When I'm Dead  -  Wheeler Brothers  -  Gold Boots Glitter

National Holiday  -  Barbara Kooyman  -  Undercover: Songs of Timbuk 3

Red Dress  -  Ray Wylie Hubbard  -  Crusades of the Restless Knights

My Baby Makes Me Gravy  -  Dale Watson & The Texas Three  -  The Sun Sessions

Rockin' Rebel  -  Uranium Savages  -  Radio Active

You'll Never Know  -  Madisons  -  You Can Take Your Sorry Ass Back to West Texas

From the Git Go  -  Willie Nelson w/Jamey Johnson  -  Band of Brothers

Dean and Brandy  -  Toni Price  -  Hey

Talia  -  Graham Weber  -  Faded Photos

River Girl  -  Kelley Wickwee  -  You Used tp Live Here

Tight it Up  -  The Greyhounds  -  No Mas

El Desconocido  -  Grupo Fantasma  -  Sonidos Gold

Ghost Ship  -  Resentments  -  Ghost Ship

Imagine Houston  -  Joe Ely  -  B484


Airplane  -  Jon Dee Graham  -  Escape From Monster Island

Dublin Blues  -  Peter Rowan with Druha Trave  -  New Freedom Bell

Keychain  -  Slaid Cleaves  -  Broke Down

Down in Texas  -  The Drakes  -  Nighttime Problems

Hold Tight  -  bettysoo  -  When We're Gone

Love Blues  -  Kalu James  -  The Offering: Flesh

Jesus Talk to Mama  -  Rodney Crowell  -  Tarpaper Sky

Midnight Oil  -  Eliza Gilkyson  -  Nocturne Diaries

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