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Improve Your Mood With These 10 Foods

Scientists at Harvard have done a study, and have given us some great info about improving our mood. Sometimes when we think of food that makes us happy we think ice cream, maybe a big greasy hamburger, but those things cause our blood sugar to spike and actually make us feel worse. Here are 10 foods that they found make your brain produce the right chemicals to actually improve your mood.


1.  Pumpkin seeds.

2.  Dark, leafy greens.

3.  Eggs.

4.  Carrots and celery.

5.  Salmon.

6.  Flaxseed.

7.  Whole grains, like oatmeal or brown rice.

8.  Red peppers, kiwi fruit, and other foods with high vitamin C.

9.  Tea.

10.  Dark chocolate. 



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