There is a funny thing about the show "Full House"... it was awful. For some reason though it has become this timeless show that generation X'ers hold most fondly in their memory. That is why Jimmy Fallon is such a genius for doing something like this. Getting the cast of Full...
Here is a Radio Shack ad from 1991. Everythign on this ad is in your pocket right now on your cell phone. Actually your cell phone is probably even more powerful than this computer. Check it out.
This is what I was talking about in "The End of the World Report" this morning. The smog problem in China has become so bad they have giant screens simulating a sunrise. This is a bit alarming considering we all share the same air. To see more pictures and read the full story...
I just love parodies. This one is the cast of Family Guy doing it. The dudes name is Mikey Bolts, he does a great job. Funny thing is he kind of looks like Seth McFarlane. Check it out.
This made me laugh. Here is Lorde "Royals" would sound like for 30 year olds.
This video is so cool. This 11 year old kid got on stage at a Steal Panther show and made the band look silly. I love this.
This dude Flula puts out all kinds of these types of videos and songs. This one got stuck in my head I have been singing it all morning. I thought I would curse you with it.
Beck covers John Lennon's "Love" for the upcoming "Sweethearts 2014" album. It's a compilation of artists doing their favorite songs.