I LOVE Christmas time, and Christmas music, but these are a few that Autumn and I wish would go away. See if you agree
They asked my daughters preschool class how they cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. Here is there answers.
Andrew Hales has discovered that his extremely popular YouTube channel can be used for just more than posting "prank" videos. He took out a hidden camera and paid for hundreds of dollars of groceries for people. This is their reactions.
One of these two brother dogs is blind. The other one acts as his seeing eye dog. This is how they sleep at night.
This is from the Florida State AcaBellas. Man I like this.
From "Round 2" of the artists announced that will be performing during SXSW. Here are the Austin artists performing. I hope I didn't miss anybody. Baby Robots (Austin TX) Black Pistol Fire (Austin TX) The Blind Pets (Austin TX) Bobby Jealousy (Austin TX) The Couch (Austin TX)...
Every Wednesday I post some videos that may go viral, maybe went viral and I missed it, or maybe are just not good enough to go viral. That is why they are "Myral". I know for fact that the second video did go viral and I totally missed it, but it sure made me laugh this morning.
The KMart "Ship my pants" commercial was hilarious. I am not sure how I feel about this one. You have to give it up for them trying to change their image through some really creative advertising.
FRIDAY Austin Fan Fest Fan Fest Headquarters Austin, TX Thursday: Drew Holcomb, Roger Creager, Clairy Brown, Lost Element, Ducado Vega, Hell's Belles, Jesse Roach, Dave Fenley, Young Dubliners. Friday: Dave Fenley, Los Lobos, CB Kings, Los Lonely Boys, Guy Forsyth, Tje Austin,...