In my opinion, one of the best songs on the radio right now. The video does not dissapoint. Check it out.
This dude is awesome with his impressions of Family Guy voices. The crazy thing to me is that he kind of looks like Seth McFarlane. I thought this was pretty good.
Here is an awesome video to come out of SXSW. Johnny Depp playing bass for Willie Nelson when he performs ""On the Road Again". I mean really how cool is this?
The website posted once of the funniest things I have read about SXSW. If you have spend anytime downtown during SXSW you have seen all of this CLICK HERE to see the list. Enjoy the laugh.
Bruce Springsteen was in Lorde's home of New Zealand and decided to treat the crowd to a version of "Royals". What do you think?
It's safe to assume that if you are listening to KGSR that you have really good taste in music. We all have those songs that we like, that are really embarrassing. This morning Autumns song was "MMM BOP" by Hanson. My song was "Barbie Girl" by Aqua. Here are a few of the calls...
This is a great video. It's cold here in Austin, but at least we don't have it as bad as this poor little kid who took to prayer to ease the cold weather blues.
It stinks that with the internet you never know if what you are seeing is real. If this is real though, it's pretty cool.
We do "The Good News" every morning at 6:25. Here are the pictures I was talking about this morning. This man asked his family to bury him sitting on his Harley and in a giant see through casket. That is exactly what they did.