These are the videos that are currently getting the most shares around the internet right now. #3 (This is just weird) 450,000 shares. Creepy Exorcist Dog - Watch More Funny Videos #2 780,000 Shares #1 Over 1 million shares (This one is AWESOME!) Stunt Dog Wins Everything -...
Click on the link to learn 15 things you maybe didn't know about Mumford and Sons
We do this every Friday morning. Here are some stories that may makie you think the end is nigh.
These are the "non musical video" videos that are getting the most shares on the internet right now.#3 Epic NYC Subway Sax Battle - Watch More Funny Videos #2 Girl Plays The Knife Game... Blindfolded - Watch More Funny Videos #1 Sling Shot To Faintsville - Watch More Funny Videos
Most of the viral videos this week were music videos I could never play in a 1000 years. This one was not in the top 3 this week, but it is one of my favorites and fitting for what is happening in the Supreme Court right now.