These are the videos that have had the most shares over the past 7 days. #3 with 950,000 shares #2 With 1.7 million shares #1 with 2.1 million shares
Nearly 1 in 50 children are born with a condition nicknamed "Lazy Eye" well there might be a more effective, more fun way of treating it.
Here is the list they came up with 12 Things You Need To Know About Austin
With all the negative news right now I thought this morning I would just have people call in and tell me something good. I thought it was pretty awesome. Give it a listen.
This one got me. I am one of those people who gets goose bumps whenever I hear the National Anthem. This is awesome.
This videos have the most shares this week on the internet. There are some awesome ones on here today. Starting with #3 with over 1.8 million shares. #2 with over 1.9 million shares Tony Gwynn Jr. Owns Heckler - Watch More Funny Videos And finally #1 with over 2.3 million shares
We do the good news every morning at 6:25. This story is awesome. These girls lifted a 3000lb tractor off of their dad.
These are the videos that are currently getting the most shares around the internet right now. #3 (This is just weird) 450,000 shares. Creepy Exorcist Dog - Watch More Funny Videos #2 780,000 Shares #1 Over 1 million shares (This one is AWESOME!) Stunt Dog Wins Everything -...