This guy is trying to start a movement against Ambercrombie and Fitch for their hiring polocies. Its the #3 Viral video this week and it has 850,000 shares. We will have the #2 and #1 Vrial videos at 7:55 and 8:55.
Every friday morning we do the End of the World report at 6:55, 7:55, and 8:55. Here is just one of the stories from this morning.
Some good ones on here today. These videos have recieved the most shares over the past 7 days. #3 659,000 shares #2 940,000 shares #1 1.5 million shares
These are the videos that have recieved the most shares on the internet in the past 7 days #3 with 750,000 shares Amazing R.I.T. Stairwell Illusion - Watch More Funny Videos #2 with 880,000 shares High School Guy Is Born Then Asks Girl To Prom. Wait, What? - Watch More Funny...
Watching this video even got me more excited about ACL in Oct. Check it out
Get your brain working this morning.listen to last weeks Zip Code Experiment.
#3 with 650,000 shares How To Cry For Help With Nothing But A Bottle Of Syrup - Watch More Funny Videos #2 with 1.3 million shares Head-Banging School Band Plays Rage Against The Machine - Watch More Funny Videos #1 with 2 million shares World - Watch More Funny Videos
I was trying to give away 3 day ACL passes. We do a game on the show called "Super Computer". You have to listen to this persons answer.