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VIDEO: The Ice Bucket Challenge At Blues On The Green

Wednesday night, I was doused in ice at Blues On The Green. Voluntarily, but on a dare.

#IceBucketChallenge is a social media campaign to #strikeoutALS.

So far, on Instagram alone, over 8,000 people– from entire police departments to toddlers- have used the hashtag to post pictures and video of themselves taking part in the challenge. The idea is to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – and drive contributions to ALS-related charities.

A piece about the phenomenon and its history on nicely explains how it works:

“You receive the challenge from someone else and then have 24 hours to accept (which means filling a bucket with ice and cold water, dumping it over your head, calling out the cause you're supporting and challenging friends to continue the message—and of course, posting video proof to social media) or, if you choose not to accept, you have to donate $100 to an ALS association of your choice (or whatever charity has been named). But if you do choose to participate, you need to say what you’re doing it for and have some understanding of it, so you're not just dumping a bucket of ice over your head for no reason.”

My video is below. And it features not just the deed itself, but a challenge to my colleague CJ Morgan of KLBJ and my friend Elaine Garza of Giant Noise. They have 24 hours to respond with their own videos.

How about starting your own round of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Or, you can skip the cold and donate to the ALS Association HERE.


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