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Is A Missing Dog From Marfa Somewhere In Austin?

Have you seen Tic Tac? 

Tic Tac is Marfa, Texas' unofficial canine ambassador and a popular presence on social media at #tictacmarfa.

He was last seen in the popular - but tiny- arts community and popular vacation spot for Austinites on Saturday July 5th during the Marfa Film Festival.

According to a Craiglist post around the time of his disappearance, "Tic Tac has no tags because he won't keep a collar on. He walks freely in Marfa because he can scale an 8 foot fence. HE HAS A FAMILY AND A HOME WITH TWO CHILDREN WHO GREW UP WITH HIM."

Conventional wisdom (and a series of sightings) suggests Tic Tac was "accidentally rescued" by well-meaning  folks from Austin who assumed he was a stray.

Today, a new tip came in. According to Tic Tac's Facebook page, "A woman just contacted us with this story: 'I went to Caffe Medici in Clarksville last week. I saw a middle-aged, slightly heavy set woman with straight, dark hair, chin length. I went up and complimented her really cute dog. She replied, 'Thanks, I just got him. I picked him up on the SIDE OF THE ROAD IN MARFA.' I hadn't seen the poster yet, but I did this morning and I know that was Tic Tac.'"

If Tac Tac looks familiar or you see him, head to the Facebook page and report your sighting?


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