Introducing KGSR Broadcast Artist: Jake Bugg
Hannah Thornby

KGSR is offering even more access to ACL, whether you have a wristband or not, with a live broadcast series Friday and Saturday morning at Threadgill's. Check out this year's artists and start ACL early with KGSR and breakfast tacos.

Jake Bugg

Playing Live at Threadgill's: Friday, October 4th at 11 AM

At age "about 14," Jake Bugg started picking up his uncle's acoustic guitar and, having learnt other people's songs, started experimenting with his own. It didn't take him long after that - he released his first album in the UK last year while still a teenager. He is wise and talented beyond his years, evident in his debut single, 'Trouble Town,' which echoes a classic blues lyric: "Stuck in speed bump city, where the only thing that's pretty is the thought of getting out.


For more information about KGSR's ACL Live Broadcast from Threadgill's, go here.

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