ACL Artist of the Day: The Wild Feathers
Hannah Thornby

ACL is bigger than ever with a whopping TWO weekends this year, not including special KGSR Morning and Official Late Night shows. The pressure is so very, very on to get the most out this opportunity. Let KGSR help you through this high-stakes and yet high-return time with our hand-picked schedule suggestions. Come October when the madness ensues, you'll thank us.

The Wild Feathers

Playing: BMI 10/6 Sunday from 2:00-3:00 and 10/13 Sunday from 2:00-3:00

Nashville's The Wild Feathers' mission is to keep rock & roll alive. Ignoring its million of sub-genres, The Wild Feathers focus on what keeps rock & roll true and organic: booming harmonies, the heart-wrenching call of the open road, a melding of both old and new. In making and playing their music, they are practicing what they hold is a singularly American tradtion, with a rich history and roots in country, blues, and folk. 

If you like: Neil Young, Tom Petty, Avett Brothers

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